Here are Exotic Jungles lizards for sale listed in alphabetical order. Please feel free to contact us at to inquire about:

-Reptile wholesale pricing
-Trading reptiles
-Reserving animals
-Animals not listed (does not mean we don’t have it)
-Other Payment Options

Lizards for Sale:
Name Price
African Fattail Gecko adults $20.00
Bahamian Curlytail Lizard $10.00

Bibron’s Gecko $10.00

Brown Anole adults $3.50

Brown Basilisk $10.00

Colombian Black & White Tegu babies $25.00

Crested Anole $10.00

Crested Gecko babies $40.00

Cuban Anole adults $15.00

Dragon Agama $10.00

Flying Gecko adults $15.00

Ficher’s Chameleon $30.00

Flapneck Chameleon $30.00

Filled Dragon babies $80.00

Green Anole adults $4.00

Green Basilisk babies $25.00

Golden Gecko adults $10.00

House Geckos adults $5.00

Iguana 2010 babies $8.00

Leopard Lizard $25.00

Longtail Grass Lizard $10.00

Marbled Gecko adults $10.00

Mossy Leaftail Gecko $10.00

Mountain Horn Lizard $15.00

Nile Monitor 2010 babies $30.00

Red Head Agama $10.00

Red Iguana 2010 babies $35.00

Rhino Iguana baby $200.00

Tokay Gecko $10.00

Veild Chameleon 6″ $55.00

Vietnamese Calotes $10.00

Water Dragon medium $15.00

Water Monitor babies $70.00

Yellow Uromastyx $45.00

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