Here are Exotic Jungles snakes for sale listed in alphabetical order. Please feel free to contact us at to inquire about:

-Reptile wholesale pricing
-Trading reptiles
-Reserving animals
-Animals not listed (does not mean we don’t have it)
-Other Payment Options

*Florida Sales Require ROC Permit
Snakes for Sale:
Name Price
Abbarent California King Snake babies $30.00
Albino Nelson Milk Snake adult males $100.00
Ball Python adult females $50.00
Ball Python adult males $40.00
Cinnamon Pastel male $125.00
Colombian Redtail Boas babies $50.00
Desert Kingsnake babies $30.00
Florida Kingsnake $40.00
Green Tree Python 2′ $200.00
Het Pied Ball Python males $45.00
High White California King Snake baby $40.00
Leucistic Texas Rat Snake babies $40.00
Mexican Black Kingsnake babies $40.00
Mojave Ball Python male babies $150.00
Northern Garter $12.00
Pinstripe Ball Python male babies $200.00
Spider Ball Python male babies $175.00
Western Hognose Snake babies $50.00
Yellow Rat Snake 2′-4′ $25.00
Yellow Rat Snake babies $10.00

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