Here are Exotic Jungles spiders for sale listed in alphabetical order. Please feel free to contact us at jay@exoticjungle.net to inquire about:

-Reptile wholesale pricing
-Trading reptiles
-Reserving animals
-Animals not listed (does not mean we don’t have it)
-Other Payment Options

*Florida Sales Require ROC Permit
Spiders for Sale:
Name Price
Assorted Trapdoor (red, black, gold) $20.00
Brazilian Giant Salmon 3″ $40.00
Cobalt Blue Tarantula $20.00
Costa Rican Tiger Rump Tarantula $20.00
Indian Ornamental Baboon Spider $45.00
King Baboon Tarantula small $40.00
Mexican Fireleg Tarantula $40.00
Pinktoe Tarantula $15.00
Rosehair Tarantula $8.00
Skeleton Leg Tarantula $20.00
Stripeknee Tarantula $10.00
Thai Zebra Bird Eater Tarantula $20.00

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